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Hybrid publishing combines elements from two different sources.

  • It resembles self-publishing because the author carries the cost and financial risk; thus, it involves an investment of your own capital.

  • It resembles traditional publishing because professionals, not you, carry out the tasks required to transform a Word document on your laptop into an object called a book that people can buy and read.

Hybrid Publishing

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  • Allow Us To Bring Your Idea To Life Through Your Very Own Published Book. Publish Your Book.

  • Quickly And Affordably In Less Than 45 Days.

  • Author Will Maintain 100% Of The Rights To Their Book As Well As 100% Royalties!

  • Maintain Ownership and Control

  • Save Time and Costly Mistakes

Benefits to Hybrid Publishing

The best parts of the experience, for those I spoke with, were: 

  • How professional everything was, from start to finish; the meticulous care and high quality at every stage, culminating in a beautiful finished product

  • The participation, control, respect, and veto power

  • The communication and responsiveness; their patience in answering my questions

  • The commitment and support that continued well past publication date

  • The traditional distribution

  • The “insider education” about the entire publishing process; how much was learned

Who is Hybrid Publishing For...

If you want to be a more active participant in the process, then hybrid is a good option because you don’t have to be out there on your own, doing it all yourself.

It’s a professional, respectable way for a debut author to establish an identity as a published author, a way of building legitimacy and

credibility, that you can use as a stepping-stone.

It’s the path of the future as traditional publishing becomes less and less accessible. It’s a good middle ground, especially for a first-time author. If you want to get your book out fairly soon, this may be a good path for you. 

Basic Package- This package is for authors that have a completed manuscript. Your book is finished, edited, and ready to be published.

Polish Package- Your book is complete but needs editing.

Done for You Package- You have an amazing idea or story but have no time to write it on paper. We interview you and turn it into a complete book..

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How I Can Help You?


  • Do you have a story that you needs to be told and you refuse to carry it with you to your grave?

  • Do you feel a sense of obligation to share the knowledge that you have?

  • Do you have a book idea that you can’t seem to get onto paper?

  • Are you great at inspiring others?

  • Are you ready to share your passion and expand your brand?

  • Are you a pastor who would like to turn your sermons into a book?


If so, we want to hear from you. Your message matters and will help people all over the world. Learn more about our services today.

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